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NOW is the time to stop smoking!

Worldwide, thousands of people have successfully given up smoking using BICOM Bioresonance.

Detox your body and rid yourself of the nicotine addiction. Between 1 and 3 weekly sessions required. Just bring your last half smoked cigarette, its ash and your desire to stop.

The same principle applies to vaping.


Have you ever wondered why, when you are a determined and able individual in so many areas of life, that old smoking habits just seem to stick with you, no matter how hard you try? Patches, nicotine gum, e-cigarettes and other treatments can be very successful and effective. Some people can simply go 'cold turkey' and quit smoking with seemingly little effort. Others, however, have tried everything and still continue to smoke, despite being fully aware of the health risk and hating the habit.

Relying on will power alone does not always work, since we have to think about the very thing that we want to stop, which brings it into our thoughts and awareness. Some treatments prolong the habit further, or replace the original habit with a different one. Many do not directly deal with the underlying reason for smoking. What would it be like to regain control over that habit once and for all, instead of letting smoking control you?

The aim with the treatments here is not to create a non-smoker or an ex-smoker. No quitting smoking. Nobody likes to be an ex-anything, nobody likes to be a quitter. The aim is simply to reboot your mind, removing the cravings and the desire to smoke. To do this, I use a combination of hypnotherapy and counselling.

Hypnotherapy is a completely safe and natural process which works by communicating directly with the subconscious part of your brain that craves the cigarette. During hypnosis, your mind is more open to change, and through use of positive suggestion, reinforcement and visualisation, your therapist can help you to break your addiction.

The advantage of hypnotherapy is that it can help you to stop smoking, without the side-effects commonly associated with stopping. Since hypnotherapy can also help to tackle habits and cravings, we can build in elements to help prevent you turning to food or other comforts instead.

Hypnotherapy cannot make you stop smoking - it is not a magic wand and we cannot force somebody to do something that they do not want to do. If you don't really want to quit and are grudgingly 'giving up' because a spouse or partner has talked you into it, then hypnotherapy is not for you and will be a waste of your time and money. If, however, you genuinely want to quit smoking and embark on a healthier life, then this could be what you require to help get through the chemical and emotional withdrawal stage.

John Taylor is a fully qualified hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and Stop Smoking therapist with a Diploma as a Smoking Cessation Specialist.

A Stop Smoking session is a single treatment taking around 2 hours and will require a telephone consultation first. Treatment includes a support pack and CD for home use.

Other treatments are available to help with e-cigarettes and addiction to nicotine gum and patches.

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